Dad Shaming

I shared something humorous on Instagram and of course there was that one person who couldn’t help but share their unwanted opinion. “Sounds like your kids need more time with dad and more discipline.” Alright, maybe they had innocent intentions, so I responded explaining that my husband was exhausted to which they replied, “I do 19 hour shifts every week. “Tired” is for people who … Continue reading Dad Shaming

Parenting Advice: Take it or Leave it?

You have a three year old who is up in your face talking non-stop while you’re trying to accomplish something. The talking doesn’t stop even after you asked nicely many times and gradually escalates into yelling when the three year old realizes that you are clearly busy. By now you’ve asked them at least six times to please leave you alone while you do this … Continue reading Parenting Advice: Take it or Leave it?