8 Things To Occupy Your Children

We are just a few short weeks away from Thanksgiving and then one month later it will be Christmas!

I’ve put together a few ideas in this post to help keep your child/ren busy during this Holiday Season. Occupied children tend to whine less which makes holiday breaks a lot more bearable. So enjoy!

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5 Weeks Before Christmas

Give them something to collect their leaves inside of and let your child collect multi-colored leaves outside. This activity is great because you can do it anywhere, whether it’s in a field or in a ditch by the grocery store.

The collecting of the leaves requires very little involvement on your part and your child can run around as long as they want to wear themselves out. Bonus if they need a nap after.

Once back home, they can compare the different colors, sizes and shapes of all the leaves they’ve found. The leaves can be thrown away or used for craft projects like leaf rubbings. Leaf rubbings are really cool and qualify as Science in my opinion. Leaf rubbings can be done with just a white piece of paper and a crayon if that’s all you have.

Leaf Rubbing

Turn on Holiday Music and lead your children in dancing around the house before leaving them to burn the extra calories alone. You really should encourage your children to be dancing as often as possible. Carefree dancing has the ability to increase their self confidence, it’s a great natural mood booster and a proven way to exhaust literally anyone.

Parents should also always dance in front of their children.


Head to Instagram and check out @bigtimeadulting to see a mom I follow dancing with her baby regularly beginning before birth and continuing now. I love watching her hilarious dancing videos go check her out if you want to follow another authentic parenting page that lifts parents up.

Turn on Holiday Music and play musical chairs. This one is really so simple and so fun that I don’t mind playing it with my daughters.

An alternate version of musical chairs for children too small to get into the chair safely and quickly is Musical Pillow. Place a pillow (or pillows) on the ground and that’s what they race to sit on.

Make sugar cookies. You can find cookie cutters for less than a dollar each at some stores including WINCO. Sugar cookies are really easy to make and don’t require a lot of help from a parent other than the baking part.

Sugar cookie recipes make a lot of cookies so decorating them can literally take children hours which is why they’re my favorite to have them make this time of year.

Your child can make a DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece that can double as a piñata. This one looks so fun that we’re going to do it the weekend before Thanksgiving while our girls are on Thanksgiving Break. I’m still contemplating what I will put inside but I plan to post this project so be sure to keep coming back to my Instagram Stories

Turkey Piñata Centerpiece

Get the tutorial at https://studiodiy.com/2013/11/14/diy-confetti-stuffed-turkey/

Let them enjoy some hot cocoa with whipped cream or marshmallows while watching Christmas movie/s. Kick it up a couple notches by instigating a strict no devices policy and making a blanket fort.

This is actually something we do as a family with Christmas movies in December every year. Some of our favorites are National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, A Christmas Story and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

I hope you’re in for a wonderful Holiday Season and that your children get to do these easy and effortless for parents activities.

Stay Safe,

Jordyn Armour

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