Bamboo Plates

These Bamboo Christmas Tree Plates came a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to use them and see if I like them.

It’s a week before Halloween and the girls and I decided it was time. We made three different kinds of cookies and decorated them to match the plates.. bring on Christmas!

I love these plates. They aren’t extremely lightweight like most plastic holiday plates are and will be perfect to have our Christmas Seafood Dinner on.

These plates are an Early Christmas Product so if you love them get yours in time for the holidays like we did! They’re made of bamboo which makes them renewable and recyclable.

I found myself jumping back on Lekochstore’s Instagram to look at some more of their products and some of the stuff they have is amazing!

Like this blue and gold flat wear set

Or this Modern Bamboo Fiber Tablewear Set

If you want durable tableware that is bound to last forever and support eco friendly then head over to

Or check them out on Instagram @lekoch.tableware

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