Get that kid a balloon!

by Jordyn Armour

Children love balloons, but the helium balloons are safest.

We’ve never allowed balloons in our home if they aren’t helium when we have children under 5.

At the grocery store one day my three year old begged for a balloon and after taking it home it was the favored play thing for seven days!

Penelope and her 18 month old sister love this balloon and it keeps them so entertained.

Weird, I know but kids are weird.

So if you have children between 18 months and five, get them a helium balloon. This one was $5 and we got 7 days out of the last one.

2 thoughts on “Get that kid a balloon!”

  1. I let my children play with biodegradable non-helium balloons (they are both under five) I just supervise them while they play. But you’re right, the only thing that comes close to the fun of a balloon is blowing bubbles.

    1. Yeah. It just seems so easy to lose little pieces of balloons after they pop. The thought of a little one getting forgotten and somebody choking terrifies me! Bubbles are definitely a close second!

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