It’s eleven o’clock at night and your significant other and the kids are all sleeping. You make yourself a big bowl of ice cream and continue watching the Ted Bundy show.

The next day your SO asks where the rest of the ice cream is. You admit to finishing it off and they get angry because you ate the last of it and didn’t replace it or tell them.

This becomes what I would call a mild fight.

It’s nine o’clock at night and you get home from work and see your child up playing video games. Earlier that day you grounded them from screen time and feel betrayed that your partner would allow them to break the rule because you weren’t around.

You confront your partner and they claim to have forgotten and ask you to calm down. Wait, did they just ask you to calm down?

This has the potential to become what I would call a moderate fight.

You’re home with the children all day and you have the flu. You’re waiting for your SO to come home from work to help out because you are sicker than you’ve ever been.

Normally they are home at six o’clock but as eight rolls around and still no word you find yourself getting angrier and angrier. They haven’t even had the decency to call or text and tell you why they are late.

By the time they roll in at ten o’clock with cough drops and 7 up and an excuse that their phone died and they went out for drinks with a buddy you’re too upset for reason.

This has the potential to become what I would call a BIG fight.

Every couple fights. Sometimes it’s over something little and sometimes it’s over something big.

If we want to have strong relationships we need to establish ground rules for fighting before the fights even begin. This could be the making or breaking of a relationship.

This podcast by @nottheworstmarriage on Instagram is awesome.

I’ve included the Spotify link to their podcast about fighting called Rules of Engagement below.

Honestly, I don’t even like most podcasts but all of theirs are awesome and I would be incredibly surprised if you don’t binge you some Sara and Sterling podcasts after listening.

Stay Safe,

Jordyn Armour